Restaurant Am'Our

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Restaurant Am'Our is a unique Restaurant in Luxembourg and created with the core value of respect for nature. The elements - earth, fire, water, and air - represent the basic principles of life and form the foundation of our "No Waste" concept. All our dishes are prepared with love and passion, hence the name Am'Our. Love that connects our restaurant to the water of the river Our, which forms a natural border between Luxembourg and Germany, where our restaurant is located. A source of water is becoming more and more important in this day and age and will provide us with joy, sorrow and life in the coming decades. Niklas Eksted describes in his book "Food from the fire" the elements of the analogue kitchen: Wood, Fire, Smoke and Cast Iron. The idea is to give old techniques a place in the modern kitchen. So we use the wood-fired oven, oven as much as possible, in addition to our traditional grill, which is also wood-fired and provides a nice consistent heat. We have stews, fish on the cedar plank, pizzas baked in the wood oven, and various grilled and roasted dishes from the grill. We also serve a variety of vegan and vegetarian dishes restaurant. At the same time, the variety of meat, fish and vegetables together with all the different cooking techniques provide an almost infinite range of culinary delights. 

Come and enjoy the exceptional experience and inhale the power of nature with Am'Our.


The menu is only an impression of what we can serve. As we work with a wood oven and grill in the front kitchen, waiting times can sometimes vary, which we hope you can understand. Curious about the current menu? Then come and visit us at the restaurant or book your table on: +352 2690 3398.


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